Decamethonium and serum potassium in man.

TitleDecamethonium and serum potassium in man.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1975
AuthorsFahmy NR, Gissen AJ, Savarese JJ, Kitz RJ
Date Published1975 Jun
KeywordsAdult, Aged, Anesthesia, General, Decamethonium Compounds, Female, Halothane, Humans, Ion Exchange, Male, Middle Aged, Neuromuscular Depolarizing Agents, Potassium, Preanesthetic Medication, Succinylcholine, Thiopental, Tubocurarine

Decamethonium and succinylcholine were used to study the effects of depolarizing muscle relaxants on serum potassium in 60 patinets, free of neuromuscular disease, during major orthopedic surgery. Significant increases in serum K+ were found after administration of decamethonium or succinylcholine in the usual clinical doses. The abnormal elevations of serum K+ found in patients with burns, massive trauma, or muscle denervation are thus accentuations of the process that occurs in normal man following use of these depolarizing drugs. The administration of any depolarizing agent to these abnormal patient groups would, therefore, appear contraindicated.

Alternate JournalAnesthesiology
PubMed ID1130739