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Global Health Initiative

The Global Health Initiative in the Department of Anesthesiology at Weill Cornell Medical Center/NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital takes an innovative approach to global health education, research, and solution building. The Punjab Institute is our flagship program through which we are working with hospital systems, social activists, and non-profit organizations to affect long-term change on the ground in India.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Global Health Initiative is to conduct innovative global health education, training, and translational research, which culminates in sustainable implementation work in developing nations.


The current scope of global health work in medicine is limited. Traditional models of global health training have been constrained by a separation of concrete clinical patient care and the abstract concepts of how medical anthropology influences health and health care. Presently, global health training consists of medical mission work where healthcare professionals travel to underprivileged nations, provide medical care, and leave without being able to participate in patient follow-up or creating a long-term impact. In contrast to this, non-profit and non-government organizations affect grass-roots level change but are often limited in their ability to implement solution-building rapidly and effectively. Our approach to global health training is unique in that it merges these two methodologies to generate work that has both an immediate as well as sustainable impact in developing nations.

Dr. Pamela Wendel (2nd from right), Dr. Dr. Jonathan Groden (3rd from right), and Dr. Gunisha Kaur (right), visit Master Ajit Singh, a sociologist working to provide education to children of drug-addicted parents.


  • Advance education in the field of global anesthesia and fostering globally conscious physicians
  • Personal development in the spheres of service-oriented action, humanitarian contribution, and outreach to underprivileged individuals and societies
  • Development of leadership abilities, team-building skills, and engagement with a global community of patients
  • Cultural immersion and an appreciation of diversity and multiculturalism

The Punjab Institute

This distinctive institute takes a novel approach to international health education for individuals within the field of medicine by fusing traditional medical mission style work with grass-roots level global health training, all within a clinical academic setting. Through this synergy, the Punjab Institute generates work that has both an immediate and sustainable impact in India. See Our Work.

Global Health at Weill Cornell Medical College

The Department of Anesthesiology's Global Health Initiative is part of Weill Cornell's larger series of programs and initiatives in the area of Global Health. For more information on the College's programs, and the programs outside of Anesthesiology in the departments of Medicine, Microbiology, and Public Health, please visit the Center for Global Health website.

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