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Prevention of suction-induced hypoxemia by simultaneous oxygen insufflation.

TitlePrevention of suction-induced hypoxemia by simultaneous oxygen insufflation.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1987
AuthorsKelly RE, Yao FS, Artusio JF
JournalCrit Care Med
Date Published1987 Sep
KeywordsAnoxia, Cardiac Surgical Procedures, Female, Humans, Male, Oxygen, Postoperative Complications, Suction

The effects of endotracheal suctioning were studied in 38 patients. A significant decline in arterial oxygen tension and saturation was noted in all patients. A new double lumen suction catheter that simultaneously insufflates oxygen while suctioning was tested in these same patients and was found to prevent hypoxemia in all patients. We recommend that the insufflation catheter be added to the protocol of hyperventilation with 100% oxygen to help prevent suction-induced hypoxemia.

Alternate JournalCrit. Care Med.
PubMed ID3621964