Penny-wise and pound-foolish: the challenges of preoperative anaemia management.

TitlePenny-wise and pound-foolish: the challenges of preoperative anaemia management.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2023
AuthorsRozental O, Cushing MM, Shander A, Isbister JP, Lasocki S, Meybohm P, Muñoz M, Spahn DR, Weiniger CF, Trentino KM, Girardi NI
JournalBr J Anaesth
Date Published2023 May 25

The timely correction of anaemia before major surgery is important for optimising perioperative patient outcomes. However, multiple barriers have precluded the global expansion of preoperative anaemia treatment programmes, including misconceptions about the true cost/benefit ratio for patient care and health system economics. Institutional investment and buy-in from stakeholders could lead to significant cost savings through avoided complications of anaemia and red blood cell transfusions, and through containment of direct and variable costs of blood bank laboratories. In some health systems, billing for iron infusions could generate revenue and promote growth of treatment programmes. The aim of this work is to galvanise integrated health systems worldwide to diagnose and treat anaemia before major surgery.

Alternate JournalBr J Anaesth
PubMed ID37244835