Mechanical Circulatory Support: Primer for Consultant Specialists.

TitleMechanical Circulatory Support: Primer for Consultant Specialists.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsTam CW, Shen L, Zeidman ADijanic, Srivastava A, Ivascu NS
JournalClin J Am Soc Nephrol
Date Published2022 Jun
KeywordsAcute Kidney Injury, Consultants, Critical Illness, Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation, Heart Failure, Heart-Assist Devices, Humans

Mechanical life support therapies exist in many forms to temporarily replace the function of vital organs. Generally speaking, these tools are supportive therapy to allow for organ recovery but, at times, require transition to long-term mechanical support. This review will examine nonrenal extracorporeal life support for cardiac and pulmonary support as well as other mechanical circulatory support options. This is intended as a general primer and overview to assist nephrologist consultants participating in the care of these critically ill patients who often experience acute renal injury as a result of cardiopulmonary shock and from their exposure to mechanical circulatory support.

Alternate JournalClin J Am Soc Nephrol
PubMed ID35595531