Using Chronic Pain Outcomes Data to Improve Outcomes.

TitleUsing Chronic Pain Outcomes Data to Improve Outcomes.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsMehta N, Inturrisi CE, Horn SD, Witkin LR
JournalAnesthesiol Clin
Date Published2016 Jun

Standardization of care that is derived from analysis of outcomes data can lead to improvements in quality and efficiency of care. The outcomes data should be validated, standardized, and integrated into ongoing patient care with minimal burden on the patient and health care team. This article describes the organization and workflow of a chronic pain clinic registry designed to collect and analyze patient data for quality improvement and dissemination. Future efforts in using mobile technology and integrating patient-reported outcome data in the electronic health records have the potential to offer new and improved models of comprehensive pain management.

Alternate JournalAnesthesiol Clin
PubMed ID27208717