Needs-based novel digital curriculum for the neuromodulation training deficit: Pain Rounds.

TitleNeeds-based novel digital curriculum for the neuromodulation training deficit: Pain Rounds.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2023
AuthorsDurbhakula S, Toy S, Acosta CA, Barman RA, Kelner AF, Issa MA, Broachwala MY, Marascalchi BJ, Navalgund YA, Pak DJ, Petersen EA, Mehta ND, Moeschler SM, Kohan LR
JournalReg Anesth Pain Med
Date Published2023 Apr 13

This study reports the needs-based development, effectiveness and feasibility of a novel, comprehensive spinal cord stimulation (SCS) digital curriculum designed for pain medicine trainees. The curriculum aims to address the documented systematic variability in SCS education and empower physicians with SCS expertise, which has been linked to utilization patterns and patient outcomes. Following a needs assessment, the authors developed a three-part SCS e-learning video curriculum with baseline and postcourse knowledge tests. Best practices were used for educational video production and test-question development. The study period was from 1 February 2020 to 31 December 2020. A total of 202 US-based pain fellows across two cohorts (early-fellowship and late-fellowship) completed the baseline knowledge assessment, while 122, 96 and 88 participants completed all available post-tests for Part I (Fundamentals), Part II (Cadaver Lab) and Part III (Decision Making, The Literature and Critical Applications), respectively. Both cohorts significantly increased knowledge scores from baseline to immediate post-test in all curriculum parts (p<0.001). The early-fellowship cohort experienced a higher rate of knowledge gain for Parts I and II (p=0.045 and p=0.027, respectively). On average, participants viewed 6.4 out of 9.6 hours (67%) of video content. Self-reported prior SCS experience had low to moderate positive correlations with Part I and Part III pretest scores (r=0.25, p=0.006; r=0.37, p<0.001, respectively). Initial evidence suggests that Pain Rounds provides an innovative and effective solution to the SCS curriculum deficit. A future controlled study should examine this digital curriculum's long-term impact on SCS practice and treatment outcomes.

Alternate JournalReg Anesth Pain Med
PubMed ID37055185