Economic burden of lives lost due to COVID-19 in New York State.

TitleEconomic burden of lives lost due to COVID-19 in New York State.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsLui B, Zheng M, White RS, Hoyler M
JournalJ Comp Eff Res
Date Published2021 Jun 01

Aim: To examine the economic impact of lives lost due to the COVID-19 pandemic across New York State. Materials & methods: Death counts by age range and period life expectancy were extracted from the NYS Department of Health, NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, and Social Security Administration website. Years of potential life lost and value of statistical life (VSL) were calculated. Results: The average years of potential life lost per person was 12.72 and 15.13, and the VSL was US$119.62 and 90.45 billion, in NYS and NYC, respectively. VSL was greatest in Queens and Brooklyn, followed by the Bronx, Manhattan and Staten Island. Conclusion: New York City, specifically Queens and Brooklyn, bore the greatest economic burden of lives lost across the state.

Alternate JournalJ Comp Eff Res
PubMed ID34060343
PubMed Central IDPMC8171309