Bombesin: potential integrative peptide for feeding and satiety.

TitleBombesin: potential integrative peptide for feeding and satiety.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1990
AuthorsMcCoy JG, Avery DD
Date Published1990 May-Jun
KeywordsAnimals, Appetite Regulation, Bombesin, Brain, Digestive System, Injections, Intraventricular, Nervous System, Nervous System Physiological Phenomena, Satiation, Taste

The neuropeptide bombesin (BBS) is examined with regard to possible designation as an integrative peptide. The term integrative peptide has been proposed to distinguish a subset of regulatory peptides. These peptides, distributed in the body and the brain, may function as hormones and neurotransmitters to integrate physiological and psychological functions. It is suggested that BBS may function as a peripheral and central satiety-inducing agent. The specific topics with regard to BBS include: feeding, satiety, and aversion; peripheral and central effects; learning, memory, and reward; route of injection; taste modulation; gastrointestinal activity; neurotransmitter status; mechanism and neuroanatomical site of action; and neural and humoral transmission.

Alternate JournalPeptides
PubMed ID2199952