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Adoption of video laryngoscopy by a major academic anesthesia department.

TitleAdoption of video laryngoscopy by a major academic anesthesia department.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsSamuels JD, Tangel VE, Lui B, Turnbull ZA, Pryor KO, White RS, Jiang SY
JournalJ Comp Eff Res
Date Published2021 Jan 20

To describe the adoption patterns of intubating devices used at a major teaching and research facility. Retrospective analysis of 2012-2019 data on frequency and trends in airway management devices collected from our anesthesia information management system. Use of direct laryngoscopy was more frequent, but there was a downward trend in use over time (p < 0.008) in favor of video laryngoscopy (VL), which increased significantly (p < 0.008). The largest growth among devices was the McGrath VL, which increased from 0.2% in 2012 to 36.2% of cases in 2019. Our study shows a clear increase in VL usage which has implications in quality of care and medical education.

Alternate JournalJ Comp Eff Res
PubMed ID33470849