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Clinical Research

The Clinical Research Division is responsible for the conduct of all patient and subject-oriented studies in the Department of Anesthesiology. At any one time, over 25 grant-funded, industry-funded, or departmentally funded protocols are active, and the Division employs a full-time research nurse coordinator, six research assistants, a regulatory administrator, and a statistical consultant—providing full support for the successful development, conduct, and publication of important and scientifically rigorous clinical research. The Division is led by Kane Pryor, MD, an experienced NIH-funded researcher and founding member of the Neurological Outcomes Network for Surgery (NEURONS) research group.

The principal investigators in our faculty represent a broad spectrum of research interests. Current active studies include early-phase trials of novel neuromuscular blockers, and volunteer subject studies using anesthetic drugs to investigate human consciousness and memory. Patient-oriented studies include interests in postoperative delirium and cognitive dysfunction, transesophageal echo, clotting dysfunction, pain phenotyping and novel approaches to postoperative and chronic pain, postoperative and postobstetric nausea and vomiting, cerebral oximetry, and critical care outcomes. The clinical research conducted by the Department features in leading specialty journals, including Anesthesiology, and in high-impact general medical journals, including JAMA.

In these pages you will find descriptions of our Clinical Research investigators and areas of interest. We welcome your enquiries. Students and others interested in volunteering or working with our team should contact the Director of Clinical Research, Kane Pryor, MD.

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