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Residency Support Council


The Residency Support Council (RSC) is a committee composed entirely of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year Anesthesiology Residents, devoted to supporting and assisting all anesthesiology residents at Weill Cornell Medicine.

Mission Statement
To be recognized as a committee of peers who support the concerns of all anesthesiology residents. To act as a dedicated council of ethical listeners who advocate intelligent and proactive direction for the betterment of our community. To further foster an appreciation and meaningful exchange from our valued residents by embracing them beyond their profession and to always promote their personal well being.

The Residency Support Council offers the following services to residents:

RSC members are available for help, support, or guidance throughout the year and handle all concerns confidentially.

Each member of each residency class will be partnered with a resident from the council as a mentor.

OR Orientaion
The RSC will arrange OR orientations before each new resident’s anesthesia rotation.

Orientation Guides
The CA-1s have developed a guide to the Intern Year (PGY-1), which provides basic information, and which is available on the Anesthesiology intranet (Wiki).

Social Events
The RSC organizes periodic get-togethers during the year.

The RSC organizes periodic wellness sessions for the residents to help deal with common physician stressors such as burnout and financial planning. 

Email the council anytime at:
Follow us on Instagram @cornellanesthesia_rsc 

Council Members


CA3 Residency Support Council 2021From left: Drs. Chu, Adams, Zhukovsky, Lee, Rao

Benjamin Chu, MD
Erin Adams, MD
Max Zhukovsky, MD
Lucia Lee, MD
Prashant Rao, MD


CA2 Residency Support Council 2021 (part 1)From left: Drs. Tilley, Bulat, Milgrim, Rosario

CA2 Residency Support Council 2021 (part 2)

From left: Drs. Jia, Govea, Salvatierra

Christian Tilley, MD
Jack Bulat, MD
Katrina Milgrim, MD
Lauren Rosario, MD
Linja Jia, MD
Nicholas Govea, MD
Nico Salvatierra, MD


CA1 Residency Support Council 2021

From left: Drs. Hung, Angel, Panchap, Cherenfant



Residency Support Council Attendings

From left: Drs. Littlejohn, Kelleher, Walline, Tabaie and Turnbull.

James Littlejohn, MD
Deirdre Kelleher, MD
Maria Walline, MD
Sheida Tabaie, MD
Zachary Turnbull, MD

Contact Us

Dept. of Anesthesiology
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525 East 68th Street, Box 124
New York, NY 10065

Office of the Chair
Phone: (212) 746-2962
E-mail:  Office of the Chair,

Residency and Fellowship Education
Direct all inquiries to:
Phone: (212) 746-2941
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